A.A. Service Structure

District 9 Guidelines


A. To keep the lines of communication open between A.A. World Service and the individual Groups through full registration and representation of all active Groups within the District geographical boundaries

B. To maintain A.A. World Services in the spirit of the Seventh Tradition by encouraging all Groups within the Districts' boundaries to establish and participate in a regular contribution plan. 

C. To develop knowledgeable and experienced General Service Representatives (GSRs) through the study, practice, and continuous application of the Twelve Traditions, Twelve Concepts, and the Six Warranties.

D. To strengthen our Groups through our service work, and to ensure that the opportunity to recover from alcoholism through the practice of the Principles of the Twelve Steps, and that the Twelve Traditions will be available for the Alcoholic yet to come.

Article II (Membership) is outlined and detailed in the full District 9 Guidelines (pdf). 


In all District proceedings, the District Officers, comprised of the District Committee Member Chairperson (DCMC), The Alternate District Committee Member Chairperson (Alternate DCMC), and the following officers: Registrar, Secretary, and Treasurer, shall receive their authority from the informed group conscience of the District Members, and shall In the spirit of the Twelve Traditions and the Twelve Concepts and the Six Warranties, ever observing the Right of Decision, Participation, Appeal and Petition


A. District 9 accepts no moneys from non-alcoholic persons or organizations, sells no merchandise, and raises no funds that are not entirely voluntary contributions of its members.

B. Not self-supporting in the sense of AA group, District 9 is entirely dependent upon maintaining the confidence and receiving the support of the AA Group and AA members of which it is comprised through the implementation and practice of a contribution plan.

C.  The District receives these contributions at the District Post Office Box 3684, Palm Desert, CA 92261-3684. Or delivered to the District Treasurer at any District Meeting.

Articles V – VII, X (Elections, Duties of the District Chairperson, Duties of the District Officers, District Committees, and Amendments) are outlined and detailed in the full District 9 Guidelines (pdf). 


A. District 9 meets on the third Sunday of ever month at 4:00pm in Fellowship Hall in Palm Desert, California. 

B. Typical format of a District 9 Meeting:

1. Call to order
2. The Serenity Prayer
3. Introduction of the attendees
4. The reading of the Twelve Concepts
5. Approval of minutes from the previous month
6. Approval of Treasurer's report from the previous month
7. DCMC report and announcements
8. Committee reports:

a. Treasurer
b. Registrar
c. H&I
d. Grapevine
e. Public Information
f. Special Interest
g. Literature
h. Website
i. Convention

9. Old business
10. New business
11. Birthdays
12. Upcoming events
13. Adjourn


District 9 holds regular meetings every third Sunday at 4:00pm in Fellowship Hall in Palm Desert, CA.

All lengths of sobriety are welcome.